So, folks, strap yourselves in and prepare yourselves for Super Bowl 42 pt. 2, because that’s what’s in store for you come February 5th, 2012. Everybody loves rivalries in sports. I get that. I really do. But, this Giants Patriots thing doesn’t have the air of rivalry surrounding it that most true rivalries do. Needless to say, this is no Celtics-Lakers caliber championship. I also admit that a long-awaited rematch between two teams whose last battle was a real nail-biter can be exciting. However, the circumstances of the last time these two met was incredibly different and led to a game that meant more; it had the undefeated season hanging in the air for one team, as well as the Cinderella story to counter-balance it for the other. In two weeks, the game that we’re all about to witness is comprised of a MUCH worse patriots team than in 2007 (31st in overall defense?) and a New York Giants team that has lost the Cinderella appeal, while still being just as unexciting of a team to watch. Now that you have all listened to my current gripe of the day, we all have to just accept that we’re getting a less interesting version of a Super Bowl that we have all already seen. But as far as sequels go this game has a LOT more potential than the BCS Championship game of Alabama vs LSU pt. 2…because I think we can all agree that whoever decided that game was a good idea also thought this was a good idea.


 As most of you know, the NBA season is currently experiencing a lockout and has been in turmoil for quite some time. However, the player’s union and the owners recently came to a tentative agreement that would have the NBA season begin in late December. Some rejoiced at this news while others, like myself, were completely and utterly indifferent. To me, the NBA season is the most over-rated professional sports season of all time. The officiating is awful, the defense is mediocre, the level of hustle is miniscule, and the discrepancy in talent between many teams makes some games unbearable. I will maybe watch five regular season games all year. The playoffs, on the other hand, are the complete opposite and make for some of the greatest sports moments of all time. This is why I could care less that the NBA season is shortened. All it means to me is that I’ve gotten to enjoy other things in the meantime, as the playoffs get that much closer. Here are some things that I’ve had the pleasure of watching while the NBA season wasn’t happening:

  • Tim Tebow and the Broncos defy everything we know about how to consistently win football games
  • My fantasy football team’s roller coaster ride of a season. Just a sidenote here: Doesn’t fantasy football make you cheer for the most ridiculously specific events to occur? No regular fan would ever say, “I hope Michael Bush breaks off a 60-yars run, but then gets stopped on the one, so that Janikowski can kick a field goal which would send the game into over-time where Christian Ponder might throw a touchdown pass to Percy Harvin”
  • Storage Wars
  • The awesome one-two combo of Always Sunny followed by The League 
  • Any 24/7 special on HBO. I’ve decided that all boxers are clinically insane because of it.
  • The “occupy” movement finally losing wind
  • COLLEGE basketball. Those kids give it 110% all the time (take notes Lebron)

 Spot on


 I know I missed last week’s Trailer Tuesday so this week I’ve chosen to show all of you TWO trailers for movies I’m excited for, TWO that I could care less about, and TWO that I don’t know what to make of. All of these trailers have been released within the last two weeks!

IN THE MONEY: 1.) American Pie: Reunion

 Well it’s taken them 5 tries, but I’m finally excited for an American Pie movie again! American Pie was the staple comedy of my childhood and I’d be lying if I said seeing all the original cast wasn’t making me just a bit nostalgic. 

                           2.) Safe House

 What can I say? I’m a sucker for Denzel in tough guy roles. Plus, I’m diggin’ the South Africa backdrop.

OUT THE DOOR: 1.) Underworld: Awakening

 If a movie franchise is on its fourth installment and doesn’t begin with “Harry Potter,” odds are I’m not going to want to see it. Not to say that the Underworld series is particularly terrible, but it’s getting a little repetitive by now. Throw in the abundance of lame one-liners in the trailer and I’m saying send this one out the door.

                            2.) About Fifty

 Looks like one of those “rom-com intended for older people” type of movies the likes of It’s Complicated or Something’s Gotta Give but with a much less impressive cast. 

I’M NOT SO SURE: 1.) Project X

 Lots of conflicting things flying at me in this trailer. I’m seeing scary Blair Witch-style narrating at the beginning. Then, I’m seeing it’s made by Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover etc.) but not seeing much comedy. Then, I’m seeing a whole lot of scandalous teenage sexuality. Lastly, I’m left with some sort of police-induced suspense factor. What is going on here?

                              2.) We Need to Talk About Kevin

 The classic indie curve-ball trailer. The trailer starts out with happy music and a happy family, and things suddenly switch and become progressively creepier and less happy.


The Latest and Greatest Craze sweeping the country

Since I last wrote about Tim Tebow, he has only grown in popularity. Check out the latest way that people are “honoring” him.


  Two of the most successful video game franchises of all time have recently released trailers for their upcoming games. Personally, the Halo franchise and Grand Theft Auto franchise are my absolute favorites so naturally I’m pretty excited about both of these. Which are you more excited about?



Pt. 1

Well folks, you have all been patiently waiting. So here it is, the top 4 greatest characters currently on television:

4. Don Draper, Mad Men

 Don Draper is the classic “every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to be with him.” He oozes cool and is by far the suavest character to ever grace a television screen. Sure, he may be a little sexist, but compared to the male characters around him he doesn’t even seem too bad. He also has one of the coolest jobs ever, getting to work as a creative executive for a huge ad agency in Manhattan. If I had to guess, I’d say he is single-highhandedly responsible for a recent upswing in scotch and cigarette sales.

3. Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

 Stewie, the football-headed British-accented baby, provides non-stop laughs on a show known for its humor. His transformation throughout the seasons from matricidal genius bent on world-domination, to questionably gay best friends with Brian has kept him interesting and still watchable. The way he interacts with the world around him is incredibly funny. Sometimes he seems to be the smartest person in the room, while at others times his infantile tendencies show. Why Brian is the only other character who seems to truly hear him remains a mystery, but adds on to the complex (and hilarious) character that is Stewie Griffin.

2. Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

 Ron Swanson, by far the manliest character on television, and number two on my list. His love of meat, hunting, fishing, and carpentry embody all that is man. At this point Ron and his glorious mustache have almost taken on a Chuck Norris-esque mythology. There’s more to Ron, though, then simply being a man’s man as he also cares deeply for Leslie and the rest of the Parks department. This is part of what makes Ron so great, beneath the rough exterior lies a loving teddy bear. But don’t let him hear me say that.

1. Eric Cartman, South Park

 In my television-saturated brain, I can think of no greater character than Eric Cartman. He’s manipulative, he’s rude, he’s insensitive, he’s evil, he’s hilarious. Every episode of South Park, one can count on Cartman doing or saying something that previously was unfathomable. The fact that he’s a nine year old child makes this all-the-better. He has absolutely no limits to what he’ll do to get what he wants, and usually what he wants is to bring some sort of emotional pain to somebody else. At times he’s an evil genius, and at others he is overtly misinformed but regardless he will never admit to being wrong. One moment he’s planning on exterminating a race, and the other he’s crying to his mother. Nobody beats Cartman when it comes to watch-ability and entertainment, and that’s why he sits atop the list of TV’s top characters.


Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Walter White, Breaking Bad

Roger, American Dad

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